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Doctors & Staffs at Best Price MDDear Doctors,

Physician and Patient Solutions, LLC has formed Best Price MD in response to the urgent need to address the increasing number of uninsured patients, the self employed, private contractors or those who have health savings accounts (HSA). Decreasing reimbursements have made it more difficult for providers to practice medicine the way they were trained. We believe by referring patients to providers that are willing to provide a discount, we can assist with controlling the spiraling costs for patients who are forced to access the emergency room; decrease the out of pocket costs for those with high insurance deductibles; and provide affordable access to those who need care that is not covered by their insurance.

Best Price MD (BPMD) is a referral network created to bring doctors and patients together, to lower the cost of health care efficiently and with transparency. There are more than 52 million Americans without insurance and an additional 100 million without dental insurance. If you add this to the over 15 million Americans that are either self employed or who are employees with tax free health savings accounts, there is an obvious need for access to affordable healthcare. BPMD will allow the physician to tap into this ever growing market. In short, the physician will once again have the power to practice medicine with autonomy.

This is how it works. When patients are referred from BPMD they: 1) pay the providers up front; 2) the payment comes directly to the provider within 48 hours; 3) the patients receive their self pay discount with no hidden fees; 4) the doctors office will eliminate the time spent on tedious paperwork, collections and the burden of bad debt - the things that cost both time and money.

We are looking for physicians, surgeons, pediatricians, dentists, chiropractors, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals to join the BPMD network.

  • Doctors & Staffs at Best Price MDPhysicians will have the power to set their own discounted fees and their own schedule for seeing patients referred from Best Price M.D.
  • They will have the freedom to treat their patient in the way they deem appropriate.

In return for joining the network physicians can expect:

  • An increased number of self-pay patients, those with insurance but who have high deductibles, and those with non-covered out of pocket expenses
  • An increase in cash flow from patients who pay in advance for their appointment
  • Less paperwork which can free up staff time to focus on other tasks.
  • An increase in satisfaction and well-being from getting paid appropriately for the work you do.

Doctors & Staffs at Best Price MDBest Price MD believes there should be an alternative where doctors treat their patients without giving up their autonomy, their livelihood or their joy. Our network of private practitioners, surgery centers, radiology facilities, and labs are committed to becoming a one-stop shop that will allow patients to be fully treated in a cost-efficient and affordable manner with cost transparency and no hidden fees, while providing each patient with efficient, in depth consultations. There is a $7.50 transaction fee when patients purchase your services and you will receive payment within 2 business days. We offer discounts for offices with multiple providers and large groups.

Join Best Price MD and decrease bad debt, increase your cash flow, and make the practice of medicine rewarding again! For more information call 800-881-4510 or email us


Bryant Long
Director of Operations


doctors at Best Price MD


Best Price MD was formed to provide quality affordable healthcare and pricing transparency for the patient. Our goal is to contract with quality physicians who will partner with us to bring high-quality health care to our patients.

Best Price MD provides the option for patients with no insurance, and or non-covered out of pocket expenses

Medical LogoBest Price MD will also help providers to improve their reimbursement turnaround time, and census. Our providers are committed to providing affordable comprehensive care with attention to providing state of the art individualized patient care that emphasizes both quality and customer service.

Our mission is to provide a vehicle where the patient can determine the cost of their treatment, there will be no hidden fees, and all costs will be known up front prior to the office visit. This is the Physician and Patients Solution for quality health care.

We look forward to raising the standard of healthcare while making it more affordable and accessible one patient at a time.