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Doctors & Staffs at Best Price MDBest Price MD was created by a practice manager and a physician who together have over 30 years of experience on the frontline of healthcare. Over the last several years, the pressures of practicing good medicine has become increasingly more difficult because of ever shrinking reimbursements, rising malpractice rates and the overall increasing costs of doing business. We have now reached a breaking point were physicians are seeing the maximum number of patients and the time that physicians spend with their patients is at an all time low. This has played an important role in the damage to the doctor patient relationship which is integral to the practice of medicine. 

Currently, it is estimated that the number of uninsured and underinsured people nationwide is approximately 55%.

Best Price MD was created to capture this market. People want affordable healthcare. However, they also want quality healthcare delivered by a caring physician who has time to listen to their needs. We believe it is time for physicians and patients to remove the middleman and work together to improve healthcare delivery in a cost effective way.

Best Price MD is the solution that provides a win for both doctors and patients. Patients will be seen by a board certified private practice physician or other health care provider and treated with respect and dignity; and the provider will be able to recapture the joy of practicing medicine by having the time to take excellent care of their patients without sacrificing their financial health or dealing with the hassle of endless paperwork and bureaucracy.

We believe that doctors, other healthcare professionals and their patients need to control healthcare. Towards that end our providers set their OWN discount fees for services that they render. Patients will have the freedom to shop for the best price. Best Price MD simply provides the place that patients and providers can go to ‘make a deal’.

By providing pricing transparency and discounting healthcare services upfront, the provider and patients both benefit - it’s a win-win situation.

The patient benefits by getting the opportunity to shop for affordable healthcare with no hidden fees, and receives quality healthcare services by quality healthcare practitioners.

The providers benefit by receiving fee for service upfront, thus increasing their cash flow while improving their turnaround time and decreasing bad debt. This process will allow you and your staff to focus more time on patient care.

If you have any questions please e-mail us at or call and a representative will assist you with any question you might have at 800-881-4510.


doctors at Best Price MD

Best Price MD was formed to provide quality affordable healthcare and pricing transparency for the patient. Our goal is to contract with quality physicians who will partner with us to bring high-quality health care to our patients.

Best Price MD provides the option for patients with no insurance, and or non-covered out of pocket expenses

Medical LogoBest Price MD will also help providers to improve their reimbursement turnaround time, and census. Our providers are committed to providing affordable comprehensive care with attention to providing state of the art individualized patient care that emphasizes both quality and customer service.

Our mission is to provide a vehicle where the patient can determine the cost of their treatment, there will be no hidden fees, and all costs will be known up front prior to the office visit. This is the Physician and Patients Solution for quality health care.

We look forward to raising the standard of healthcare while making it more affordable and accessible one patient at a time.