Dear Patient,

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • ◦ Have you recently lost your job and healthcare coverage?
  • ◦ Are you unable to afford health insurance?
  • ◦ Have you canceled a doctor’s appointment because you couldn’t afford it?
  • ◦ Do you need a test or procedure that is not covered by insurance but don’t know the cost of the service?
  • ◦ Are you having problems with pricing the cost of your health care from your healthcare provider?

If any of these questions pertain to you or anyone you know Best Price MD is the solution.

Physicians & Patients Solutions LLC, formed Best Price MD in response to the overwhelming need to provide pricing transparency to people who are currently uninsured, underinsured, or have to pay out of pocket for non-covered expenses.

Our network was designed to bring doctors and patients together to control the cost of healthcare efficiently and with transparency. Our providers list the cost and discounts upfront. There are no hidden fees, therefore the patient is provided with pricing transparency. The actual savings received through Best Price MD is listed prior to your visit. We want you to know how much money you are saving for your healthcare services.

If you would like to receive the benefits of Best Price MD from your health care provider and they are not a part of our network, please provide us with their contact information and we will contact your physician or other health care provider and ask them to participate in our network. This includes all types of physicians and alternative medical providers such as dentists, plastic surgeons, lasik surgeons, dermatologists, acupuncturists, pharmacists, and many other healthcare practitioners. To get started just click on the Patient Log In tab and follow the enrollment process.

Call us and ask about our alternative low interest rate financing for people, even those with less than perfect credit.

How it Works:

All you do is search our list of providers. Once you choose the provider and the medical service go to the shopping cart and purchase it. You will print out a voucher that you will bring to the provider’s office confirming the service(s) ordered. All services will be paid for in advance to receive the discount and you will not have to pay anything to the provider at the time of service. Best Price MD will charge a non-refundable processing fee of $9.95 per medical service purchased. There are no membership fees to join and no monthly fees.


◦You have 24 hours from the time of purchase to cancel the appointment (just send us an e-mail) to receive a complete refund including the $9.95 transaction fee.
◦If you cancel your appointment more than 48 hours prior to your office visit. You will need to contact the doctor’s office directly to make a new appointment. The fee you paid will be transferred to the physician after you have completed your appointment. The fee for the medical service and the $9.95 transaction fee are non-refundable.
◦If you cancel your appointment less than 48 hours prior to your appointment or fail to keep your appointment, you will be considered a “no show”. You will need to contact the doctor’s office to re-schedule your appointment.
Please note: it is at the discretion of the office whether they will re-schedule your appointment if you have multiple missed appointments or you are a “no show”.

Please understand, once a patient selects the provider, the service and pays online, the provider commits time for that appointment. If the patient does not come for the appointment it denies the doctor the chance to see another patient; therefore, your fee cannot be refunded.

We understand that emergencies arise and the provider will make every effort to accommodate you and re-schedule your appointment.

First Steps to getting started:

◦Click on the physician, see the procedures and price list.
◦Select the service you need, if you are not sure call the physician’s office for instructions.
◦After selecting your procedures, go to the Check Out tab and pay for the procedure and receive your discount.
◦To schedule your appointment call the doctor’s office you selected, and have your appointment scheduled over the phone. Remember to receive the discount you must pay on Best Price MD, prior to your visit.
◦If there is a physician or facility that you would like to schedule an appointment that is not participating with Best Price MD, please give us their contact information so we can enroll them in our network.

Call and speak to one of our representatives for help with your application or any question you may have at toll free 800-881-4510 or e-mail us at




Best Price MD was formed to provide quality affordable healthcare and pricing transparency for the patient. Our goal is to contract with quality physicians who will partner with us to bring high-quality health care to our patients.

Best Price MD provides the option for patients with no insurance, and or non-covered out of pocket expenses

Medical LogoBest Price MD will also help providers to improve their reimbursement turnaround time, and census. Our providers are committed to providing affordable comprehensive care with attention to providing state of the art individualized patient care that emphasizes both quality and customer service.

Our mission is to provide a vehicle where the patient can determine the cost of their treatment, there will be no hidden fees, and all costs will be known up front prior to the office visit. This is the Physician and Patients Solution for quality health care.

We look forward to raising the standard of healthcare while making it more affordable and accessible one patient at a time.