Best Price MD, was created to provide an option for patients with no insurance, non-covered out of pocket expenses and those with high deductibles and Auto Accident patients.

Ask Yourself These Questions?

  • Have you recently lost your job and healthcare coverage?
  • ◦ Are you unable to afford health insurance?
  • ◦ Have you canceled a doctor’s appointment because you couldn’t afford it?
  • ◦ Do you need a test or procedure that is not covered by insurance but don’t know the cost of the service?
  • ◦ Are you having problems with pricing the cost of your health care from your healthcare provider?


No Membership Fee's, FREE Referral Service!

There are no membership fee's to join Best Price MD, our membership is absolutely FREE! at no cost to the patient. Just enter your information and begin shopping for a provider near you. If we do not have a provider located in your area, we will contact a provider in your area an negotiate a discounted price for you

If you would like for your physician to be a part of our service please provide us with their information or email us your information at 

Best Price MD provides pricing transparency where the patient can determine the cost of their health care treatment. Ask about our alternative financing program for patients with not such good credit to assist them with financing their treatment. We also provide discounted pharmacy information to save money on your medications


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Accident, Dental, Cancer, Critical Care, Life
Hospital/Sickness, Short-Term Disability, Vision
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Our mission is to provide a vehicle where the patient can determine the cost of their treatment, there will be no hidden fees, and all costs will be known up front prior to the office visit. This is the Physician and Patients Solution for quality health care.

Best Price MD was formed to provide quality affordable healthcare and pricing transparency for the patient. Our goal is to contract with quality physicians who will partner with us to bring high-quality health care to our patients.

Best Price MD provides the option for patients with no insurance, and or non-covered out of pocket expenses.

Best Price MD will also help providers to improve their reimbursement turnaround time, and censes.